About Kuchera teamUp

teamUp is a groundbreaking software solution designed by Kuchera. This innovative platform harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology and Artificial Intelligence to optimise load and haul operations. Kuchera teamUp provides real-time, tangible insights that empower businesses to operate more efficiently and achieve exceptional results. The platform offers a comprehensive view of production output versus targets, asset performance, and operational efficiency. With a user-friendly interface, teamUp enables users to track the location and status of assets, receive live updates, and access actionable recommendations for improving productivity, efficiency, safety, and overall asset health.


How Kuchera teamUp works

Kuchera teamUp gives you the needed insights to increase your mine’s operational efficiency.

  • Kuchera connectivity box: That is plugged into your assets (haulage trucks, excavators, etc.).
  • Platform: The place where all the data is collected and processed, then feeds insights to both the driver and manager app.
  • Manager App: This provides you with insights from your operational data.
  • Driver App: This provides tailored recommendations to your driver given via a voice assistance.

How to get started with Kuchera

Easy installation

Plug your teamUp connectivity box into your assets’ data port. Kuchera can also connect to your already existing data sources.

Secure connection

Connect to the Kuchera-powered application.

Data gathering and analysis

The Kuchera teamUp Telematics System diligently gathers and analyses data from driver behaviours. This phase lets the system gain deep insights into your unique mining environment.

Real-time recommendations

Within three weeks, the Kuchera teamUp Telematics System provides real-time recommendations to your drivers.

The Kuchera app

The benefits of Kuchera teamUp

Kuchera teamUp is your ultimate mining partner. It harnesses advanced, user-friendly technology to empower your operators and optimise every facet of your mine.

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Empower your drivers with actionable, data-driven insights to maximise their productivity.

Elevate Safety and Sustainability

Improve Safety

Real-time monitoring of driver behaviour, site conditions, and haul truck performance to offer customised recommendations for safer mining operations.

Seamless Integration

The Kuchera teamUp Telematics System integrates seamlessly with your vehicles through state-of-the-art hardware, sensors, and software.

Greater Availability

Optimise truck availability, minimising downtime and increasing resource availability.

Ensure Consistency

Ensure Consistency

Standardise your processes for greater efficiency and consistency while enjoying more control over your operations as they become more predictable.

Engage your Team

Engage your Team

Empower and motivate your drivers with valuable, real-time guidance and recommendations.

Continuous Optimisation

Continuous Optimisation

Constant data analysis to improve your operations, making every aspect of your mining process safer and more efficient.

Kuchera teamUp is compatible with all OEMs

The Kuchera teamUp Telematics System is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vehicles. Our system can be integrated into your trucks without hassle.

Universal connectivity

Our solution is not limited to a specific brand or model. It offers universal connectivity, ensuring that you can monitor and optimise all your mining vehicles from a single platform.


Our system is manufacturer-agnostic, meaning you can choose the vehicles that best fit your mining requirements, and we’ll adapt our technology to work with them.

Sustainable mining operations with Kuchera teamUp

Kuchera teamUp is your sustainable mining partner, allowing you to impact the environment positively, build stakeholder trust, and create a more responsible mining ecosystem.

Achieve the following with Kuchera teamUp:

Optimised fuel consumption

Our optimisation of mining operations and machinery reduces fuel consumption and energy usage. This, in turn, results in lower carbon emissions.

Resource efficiency

By maximising the efficient use of resources, Kuchera minimises waste in mining processes. This reduction in resource wastage contributes to a smaller overall environmental footprint.

Transparency & reporting

The Kuchera teamUp Telematics System provides data and insights on environmental performance, empowering mining companies to share this information with stakeholders and showcasing their dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

Community engagement

Sustainable mining goes beyond operational efficiency; it includes engaging with local communities. The efficiency and safety enhancements introduced by the Kuchera solution foster positive community relations.

Easy to install and Plug and Play

Getting started is a breeze. Our system offers hassle-free installation, so you can begin reaping the benefits immediately. There is no need for extensive setup – it’s as easy as plug and play.

Once you have installed the software and allowed it to run for the specified period, you can calculate the significant cost savings facilitated by the Kuchera teamUp Telematics System.