Kuchera teamUp for mines

As a mining manager, you face various challenges from team demotivation, negligence, high operational costs, and the complexities of maintaining a standardised workflow. At Kuchera, we understand these challenges and are committed to providing a practical solution.

This is why we’ve introduced Kuchera teamUp. Whether you are outsourcing to an external contractor or managing everything internally, our solution will elevate level up your mining operations.

What is Kuchera teamUp for mines?

Kuchera teamUp is a user-friendly, cutting-edge solution that harnesses augmented artificial intelligence
and human expertise for mining success. Equipped with Kuchera teamUp, you’ll be able to:

Boost Productivity


Predictive Maintenance

Operational Costs

Elevate Safety and Sustainability

Elevate Safety
and Sustainability

Ensure Consistency

CO2 Emissions

What you gain: production and operational benefits

Kuchera teamUp provides actionable insights that unlock operational efficiency throughout your haulage operations.

  • Optimise your assets’ health
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Optimised asset sequencing and dispatching
  • Monitor distances travelled
  • Minimise idling time
  • Track actual Bank Cubic Meter (BCM) vs. target
  • Receive real-time haulage optimisation recommendations
  • Enjoy a plug-and-play installation that requires no specialised skills
  • Gain real-time insights into your contractor’s team’s performance, site conditions, and haulage efficiency
  • Witness substantial improvements in productivity
  • Receive real-time, hourly, daily or weekly performance reports

Kuchera teamUp:
your partner in success

How Kuchera teamUp supports your operation

Let our sustainable solution reinforce the longevity of your mine, while empowering your team to optimise material delivery – stress-free. The future of mining management starts with Kuchera teamUp. Watch technology, efficiency, and profitability converge for your mine’s success.

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