Kuchera teamUp for contractors

If you’re a contractor overseeing load and haul operations, you understand the importance of meeting targets and optimising your operations. The question is, are your teams and assets consistently enabling you to hit those targets, or is there room for improvement?

Kuchera teamUp is here to provide the solution. We’ve made it easy. No more guesswork, no more hassle and no more penalties. With our augmented intelligence solution, you can ensure efficient operations, protect your profits, and support your team effectively.

What is Kuchera teamUp for contractors?

Kuchera teamUp is where technology and human intelligence meet to produce excellence.
It’s a simple, yet powerful solution that leverages augmented intelligence and your team’s knowledge to help you:

Boost Productivity


Access Predictive

Operational Costs

Elevate Safety and Sustainability

Elevate Safety
and Sustainability

Asset Availability

Idling Time

What contractors gain: production and operational benefits

Kuchera teamUp gives you practical insights into your operations. Armed with this data, you can empower your team and optimise the performance of your assets trucks.You are now able to:

  • Track actual Bank Cubic Metre (BCM) vs target
  • Optimise asset health
  • Reduce Fuel Usage
  • Manage trucks in operation
  • Monitor distances traveled
  • Asset dispatch and sequencing
  • Compliance to plan
  • Asset inspection

Kuchera teamUp:
your partner in success

Contractors: unearth success with Kuchera teamUp

With Kuchera teamUp, you have the power to transform your contracting operations. Say goodbye to the uncertainties and inefficiencies that have held you back. Welcome a new era of efficiency , productivity, and profitability.

What are you waiting for? Join the contractors who’ve already unlocked the full potential of their mining operations with Kuchera teamUp.

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