Bringing simplicity to technological innovation in the mining industry

There’s no argument that the mining industry needs more innovative solutions if we are to keep pace with the increasing demand for minerals, legislative developments and the decreasing number of people working in the industry. But, it’s something we’ve been talking about as an industry for decades, and having visited several mines since founding Kuchera in 2022, Kumbirai Chipadza, their Chief Marketing Officer, has noticed that everyone still relies heavily on pen-and-paper practices.

On a visit to a mining company, the Kuchera team met a CFO who used a picture of a whiteboard to work with client invoices. At the end of each day, she would send a message to the operations manager on site asking him to take a picture of the board with his mobile phone and send it to her as a text message. She would then spend the next hour zooming in on the picture on her phone and slowly transferring the data into an Excel spreadsheet before adding it to the invoicing documents.