Simplifying mining operations Real-time asset management, notifications when something unexpected happens, fuel monitoring, monthly load and haul forecasts and much more with the Kuchera teamUp app.
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Why Kuchera?

We’ve developed our solution side-by-side with mining managers in the world’s most mineral-rich region, and that’s
helped us create one of the most user-friendly, easy-to-understand applications in the industry.

We increase

Operational oversight






We decrease

Fuel costs

Machine downtime



Operational uncertainty

Idling time

How it works



Installation and Startup

To begin, we analyse your needs and select the appropriate packages. The first step is to set up our box in each of your trucks. We will handle the setup and provide instructions, ensuring everything is ready for analysis.



Collecting Data

Our boxes collect and analyse various data points, including behaviours, routes, downtime, and more. Through the app, you can start seeing the analysis. Optimization features start operating.



Optimising Processes

After just a few days of normal operation, optimisation notifications and alerts will start to appear. You can begin optimising processes, which will help save money on downtime and fuel consumption.

‘With Kuchera, we caught potential fuel thieves in the act and reduced fuel consumption and idle time. It has saved us money and given us peace of mind that our assets are safe. Kuchera teamUp is a game changer for anyone dealing with the headache of fuel theft.’

— Bobby, Operations Manager

How fast is the installation?

Watch Chris, Head of Product & Technology, explain how Kuchera’s installation works.

How Kuchera’s technology works


Over the course of 6 days, Kuchera will collect more than 24,000 data points.


Our algorithm identifies all the productive routes, maintenance areas, rest zones and refuelling zones.

Production insights

Kuchera begins to produce daily and monthly operational reports for invoicing, reporting and forecasting.

Real-time data

Operators can adjust their production targets in real-time, and or remove assets based on output simulations.

Optimisation notifications

The algorithm identifies unusual events and displays the associated recorded activity point by point on the map.

OEM compatible

Our OEM agnostic solution syncs with any OEM without limitations.

What mines have accomplished with Kuchera

Kuchera by the numbers:


  • Optimized fuel consumption: After using Kuchera, we’ve managed to reduced the average fuel consumption for our clients from 1,300l to less than 900l across a fleet of 10 dump trucks per day.

  • Improved accuracy for productive loads: Within the first month of using Kuchera, our clients saw an average increase in their productive load accuracy from 80% to 95%.

  • Accurate distance reporting: Corrected invoicing for a mine billing 1km for every trip to the dump site, which was actually 1.4km.

  • Planned and daily rate of BCM: Increased operator output from 6 loads per hour to 8 loads per hour through cycle standardization times and recommended output rates.


‘Thanks to Kuchera, we have gained control of our fuel costs, allowing me to manage our budget more efficiently. It has become part of the financial health of our organisation. Plus, the savings of 300 litres per day equates to approximately $144,000 per month in cost savings.’


— Mbali, Chief Financial Officer

Case Study

Kuchera teamUp in the field in Zimbabwe

Find out more about how Kuchera helped a leading Southern African mine improve profitability by driving down costs.

All through a motivated, and invested team engagement programme, delivered via Kuchera teamUp.



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